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Discover 100% pure maple syrup in restauration and gastronomy

An Authentic, High-Quality Product 

Maple products must adhere to quality and food safety standards, as well as to demands related to inspection, classification, packaging and branding stated in the Maple Products Regulations in the Act respecting agricultural products in Canada. These regulations require that all maple products come exclusively from the concentration of maple sap or maple syrup, which excludes any substitutes. Maple syrup is obtained strictly by concentrating maple sap or by diluting or dissolving a maple product in drinking water. Maple substitutes and maple-flavoured products must be adequately labelled to avoid any confusion with pure maple products.

The Role of the Fédération 
Quebec maple syrup is a product whose purity, food safety and authenticity are subject to recognized quality control. The Fédération des producteurs acéricoles du Québec has EACH of the 150,000 barrels of maple syrup produced annually inspected and classified by an independent organization, according to various quality categories. 

The Fédération des producteurs acéricoles du Québec has entrusted inspection of maple syrup in large containers to Cintech Agroalimentaire under the Entente relative à la gestion de l’inspection des produits de l’érable en grands contenants. This quality control is regulated by the Act respecting the Marketing of agricultural, food and fish products.