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Maple Syrup, spread, candy, sugar, dessert and other maple products


Discover 100% pure maple syrup in restauration and gastronomy

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A Natural Product 

Maple syrup is 100% natural. Its flavour and colour vary throughout the season because its natural composition varies. In general, as the season progresses, maple syrup's fructose and glucose levels rise, while its sucrose levels drop slightly. Like the sugars, the levels of other natural compounds present in the maple water also change throughout the season (e.g. amino acids, minerals). These transformations in the composition of the maple water cause a change in the colour and the taste of the maple syrup. At the beginning of the season, the syrup is generally clear and the taste slightly sweet (Extra Light, Light or Medium - AA, A or B). As the season progresses, the syrup becomes darker and more caramelized (Amber or Dark - C or D).